Security Through Technology

Move your property into the future with Virtual Guard Systems.

Next Generation Security at a Budget Friendly Price.

Virtual Guard Systems offers a next generation security system that combines the industry’s leading software and hardware. With this combination, we are able to increase security while decreasing costs.

Advanced Analytics.

Video security and analytics enable our monitoring team to protect your entrance much more effectively than a single guard can.
Analytics detect intruders even in the dark and will alert our team for immediate action. Don’t let risks thrive by leaving your communities in the hands of a sleeping guard.

Safeguard Your Property with a Hybrid Solution.

The Midnight Shift is the most vulnerable a community can be. With visitor frequency decreasing by up to 95%, your guard is likely sleeping, putting your community at risk. Virtual Guard Systems helps communities sleep at night by pairing advanced analytical cameras with a monitoring center full of specially trained remote guards that never miss an intruder.

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